Sky’s the Limit

2015.07.15 Janna Mizan_skys the limit workMy name is Janna Mizan short for Jannatulmawa Mizan. I just graduated from Aviation High school in Long Island City and finished a fifth year program there too. My main goal at Aviation High School was to earn my Airframe and Powerplant Technician license. I spent a year after graduating senior year going to school at JFK Airport and interned at JetBlue Engineering. Aviation High school gave me an opportunity to work with my hands and which allowed me to learn in a different way. I had a chance to work with planes and learn a lot of interesting facts about them like learning how they fly. I realized that the little things happening around me caught my attention such as automatic doors opening and closing and stop signs changing after a certain amount of time. I learned how to think beyond just what was in front of me which I was taught at the mechanically and technically based Aviation High School.

I have been accepted at Syracuse University to study Engineering, which means I will be packing my bags to move there in the of Fall 2015. I chose Syracuse University since it’s a great college and going there will give me the chance to find myself. I haven’t figured out which Engineering field I want to pursue. That’s why I have been interning with the School of Construction.

Engineering has always interest me because it’s more than just sitting behind a desk. I see Engineering to be creative, fascinating and interesting. I love doing math, science and working on problem solving. Engineering deals with finding solutions to problems people don’t even know exist, even if it makes the smallest difference.

I have done three other internships for the School of Construction and worked in different engineering firms. After interning for those firms I realized that structural, civil and electrical engineering aren’t for me. It seemed like the engineers at those firms spent most of their time behind the desk. This isn’t for me. I like to move around and work on something or at least work with my hands to design or make something. I am still trying to figure out where I belong.

I am now interning at Dagher Engineering and was placed here by the School of Construction. When I found out I was being placed near Wall Street, I was really excited for this experience. Unlike the other internships I have done, I was given a schedule for work to do for the whole day.  This allows me to stay busy with something and manage my time wisely. I have been working on marketing, reading about the works of New York City’s anatomy, researching different articles and figuring out how Adobe InDesign works.

I hope to gain more knowledge about Engineering, sustainability and the design field. I have the opportunity to figure out if I want to work in one of these fields in the future. Hopefully, this internship will allow me to have an open mind about different kinds of careers.

Author, Jannatulmawa Mizan, is a Design Intern at Dagher Engineering, PLLC where she is developing Adobe Creative Suite Presentation skills, knowledge of The New York City Building Codes and contributing to our Sustainability Department. Dagher Engineering is dedicated to continued higher education for all, providing internship opportunities to students.


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