Firm Profile

Founded in 2000, Dagher Engineering specializes in mechanical, electrical, plumbing/fire-protection, sustainable design and consulting for new construction, renovations and adaptive re-use projects. We have experience in a wide-range of building types for both public and private sector clients including: Commercial/Office, Cultural, Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Mixed-use, Residential, and Retail.

Our Philosophy

The firm was founded with the conviction that properly designed, installed, and maintained building systems promote economy and energy efficiency while maximizing occupant comfort and minimizing environmental impact.

Dagher Engineering actively promotes programs and designs intended to reduce and reuse energy and water resources. We understand the complexity of the matter and advocate the implementation of environmentally responsible alternatives that reduce the impact on natural resources.

Our Team

We have assembled a team of highly qualified professionals who fully espouse this culture and actively promote the advancement of innovative designs. Dagher Engineering promotes continuing education programs for the professional staff, disseminating information to peers and clients, and attending meetings and symposia, so that our resources, designs, and philosophy remain on the cutting edge of technology and provide a foundation for sustainable growth for the firm.


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